Magic Beans

Hello! Sorry I am doing really short posts at the moment, but that is the only kind I am able to do! It IS the holiday (for a week) but I have art homework, english homework and physics homework 😦 Anywwhoo. My host, Faith, moved all the domains to one account a few weeks ago, … Continue reading

Wish you were here

Hello 🙂 Gee, it feels ages since I last posted, except it was only a couple of weeks ago! Anywho…. my birthday has come and gone – poof! Just like that. I’ve bought some spiffy things….. for example…. my sailor sweater dress from Lazy Oaf (£44) And loads of other things to do with school … Continue reading

Normal service will resume after this short break

I was thinking of “resuming” and TV and that, and also that I AM going to write more posts soon, it is just that I am ULTRA busy. School is getting hectic, I have tests, I have S3 exams coming up in a couple of months and now we are supposed to start thinking about … Continue reading

Threads Fashion Design Competition – My Entry

Hello again! Before I start – I HAVE got posts lined up. Because these aren’t, to me, proper posts. Just… updates. More like xD Anyway – I have entered this competition which is on the website. It’s a great book written by Sophia Bennett, and I got a Bliss magazine a while back and … Continue reading

If I were a tree

Hello 🙂 It is a very random title. Okay, it has SOME sense – because technically I have sort of neglected the blog, so I could be a tree. Because trees don’t have access to the internet. But oh well. Anywho – I am sorry I haven’t posted much – life has been pretty hectic… … Continue reading

Teen Facebook Application: Blink Magazine

Hey everybody 😀 Here is me doing a little advertising again for that lovely company Dubit! Blink Mag is an online magazine specifically for teens. There is tons of different articles on there, and there is even a special section where teens have their say – they can write their own articles for it! (One … Continue reading

“It looks like we’re not in Kansas anymore..”

– Judy Garland, Wizard of Oz Hehe, I thought of this as the title as me and my little sister are currently watching Wizard of Oz. I don’t actally know why, but I think it might be because my sister finished watching an episode of Scrubs (woooooooo! Gooo Scrubs!)  which ending with “Somewhere over the … Continue reading

Body, Mind and Soul

Please note: I’m going to be talking about my body here… I’m pretty insecure about my body, so this is pretty much me trying to… not be so insecure. Now that that is over with – I’m sorry I haven’t been posting very much lately. It’s just that I haven’t really had any ideas about … Continue reading

“All of life is a foreign country”

– Jack Kerouac SOrry I haven’t been posting… I have just been SO busy. I AM GOING TO BELGIUM!!! W000!!! For S3 activity week 😀 I will be getting a passport too! So yeah…. I haven’t got much else to say except… the maths test (non calc. and calc.) were EASY. And Modern Studies tets … Continue reading

Cyber Mentors

I was reading my little sister’s Shout magazine (the most recent one, check it out!) and came across an article about bullying/cyberbullying and suicide, basically. And there was a real life story, about how a girl got help from this website called: WWW.CYBERMENTORS.ORG.UK And it looked really interesting so I decided to check it out. … Continue reading