Interview :D

I was interviewed (quite a while ago) by Vienna (from Vienna’s Corner of the World). It’s pasted below but you can also view it on her blog, here! What’s you’re name/blog name: My name is Jean, but I usually go by Beanie. My blog’s name is Beanieology. Blog address: What country do you live … Continue reading

I’m famous(ish)!

Okay, so I was doing my normal rounds of all the websites I check regularly, when I was checking Beanieology’s stats, when this appeared! I was very confused… why was the link to my blog.. on the Threads website? So I went to investigate, clicked onto a couple of the pages, then came across the … Continue reading

Weekbook #1

Thanks to Amber for the idea of it! My one is a videooo. I look different now cos I have had my haircut. ^_^

Magic Beans

Hello! Sorry I am doing really short posts at the moment, but that is the only kind I am able to do! It IS the holiday (for a week) but I have art homework, english homework and physics homework 😦 Anywwhoo. My host, Faith, moved all the domains to one account a few weeks ago, … Continue reading

Wish you were here

Hello 🙂 Gee, it feels ages since I last posted, except it was only a couple of weeks ago! Anywho…. my birthday has come and gone – poof! Just like that. I’ve bought some spiffy things….. for example…. my sailor sweater dress from Lazy Oaf (£44) And loads of other things to do with school … Continue reading

Normal service will resume after this short break

I was thinking of “resuming” and TV and that, and also that I AM going to write more posts soon, it is just that I am ULTRA busy. School is getting hectic, I have tests, I have S3 exams coming up in a couple of months and now we are supposed to start thinking about … Continue reading

If I were a tree

Hello 🙂 It is a very random title. Okay, it has SOME sense – because technically I have sort of neglected the blog, so I could be a tree. Because trees don’t have access to the internet. But oh well. Anywho – I am sorry I haven’t posted much – life has been pretty hectic… … Continue reading

Teen Facebook Application: Blink Magazine

Hey everybody 😀 Here is me doing a little advertising again for that lovely company Dubit! Blink Mag is an online magazine specifically for teens. There is tons of different articles on there, and there is even a special section where teens have their say – they can write their own articles for it! (One … Continue reading

“All of life is a foreign country”

– Jack Kerouac SOrry I haven’t been posting… I have just been SO busy. I AM GOING TO BELGIUM!!! W000!!! For S3 activity week 😀 I will be getting a passport too! So yeah…. I haven’t got much else to say except… the maths test (non calc. and calc.) were EASY. And Modern Studies tets … Continue reading

Cyber Mentors

I was reading my little sister’s Shout magazine (the most recent one, check it out!) and came across an article about bullying/cyberbullying and suicide, basically. And there was a real life story, about how a girl got help from this website called: WWW.CYBERMENTORS.ORG.UK And it looked really interesting so I decided to check it out. … Continue reading