Day of Awakening

HI! HI! HI! I have missed this blog so much! I have missed my readers! Everyone! I just didn’t feel like posting… So what has been happening since May 3rd? Well, to save all the annoying “I didn’t really do much” (when I didn’t REALLY), I will start with that I am now an intern … Continue reading

The stuff we take for granted… Malawi 09/10

Hello again ^_^ Today —- mission is a longer post! And also to update 101 in 1001, do my pointless contest, and my maths homework, Yayyy(!) So, you may be wondering what the title means today. And guess what? The title ACTUALLY MEANS SOMETHING! I know… big stuff right? Well, to be honesst it isn’t … Continue reading

Diamond Rings

Hey! Sorry it has been sooo long since I have posted (well, 10 days? It is a LOGN time in blogging world, let me tell ya!) – but school started on the 19th, as I said – and it has been SO hectic! Modern Studies (I took it, I’m doing Standard Grade now) is so … Continue reading

Little Miss Gadget-i-rimooo!

Yeah, this week’s post is all about gadgets and electronics and all that stuffs! Soo let us begin! With some updates… 101 in 1001 is going pretty well – today I completed the Twitter a day for 31 days, which I can’t believe it has been so long already! Time flies by, when you’re having … Continue reading

Ill, ill ill… and boooooks

I woke up this morning, and happened to nearly be sick because of a sore throat D: And I am SO SO SO tired it is unbelievable! I didn’t even go to sleep that late either! It is annoying 😦 I hate being ill, especially on a weekend. And this week is Activity Week at … Continue reading

If all else fails, think of an elephant

Ok, crap title. Sorry. I couldn’t think of anything else >.> This is about…. a few things. First of all, don’t you wish there was a teenager’s newspaper? Like The Scotsman (or any other proper newspaper) but slightly more easy to understand, so we could understand far better 😉 I understand the majority of newspapers, … Continue reading

“Hey, hey, we’re the Monkees!

And people say we monkey around!! But we’re too busy singing To put anybody down….” I’m back! Hurray! 🙂 Excuse my.. not so great singing! (not that you can hear anyway – buuttttt you never know!) I was watching a programme on Channel Five called Extraordinary Animals, and it was about a chimp called Ayumu … Continue reading