Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag

I LOVE this song. It is definitely my song for the summer! Eliza Doolittle uses a bit from a song called “Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag” by George Henry Powell for the chorus 🙂 I think she has managed to combine the old with the new, but yet has managed to … Continue reading

Day of Awakening

HI! HI! HI! I have missed this blog so much! I have missed my readers! Everyone! I just didn’t feel like posting… So what has been happening since May 3rd? Well, to save all the annoying “I didn’t really do much” (when I didn’t REALLY), I will start with that I am now an intern … Continue reading

Cherry Blossom

EEP! More than a month since my last post?! Preposterous! What’s been keeping me from posting? Well…. My S3 exams took up the 2 weeks before the week of 22nd of March – revision was the one thing that I did! (apart from the norm ;)) Updating my room to match my age. My box … Continue reading

Threads Fashion Design Competition – My Entry

Hello again! Before I start – I HAVE got posts lined up. Because these aren’t, to me, proper posts. Just… updates. More like xD Anyway – I have entered this competition which is on the website. It’s a great book written by Sophia Bennett, and I got a Bliss magazine a while back and … Continue reading

“It looks like we’re not in Kansas anymore..”

– Judy Garland, Wizard of Oz Hehe, I thought of this as the title as me and my little sister are currently watching Wizard of Oz. I don’t actally know why, but I think it might be because my sister finished watching an episode of Scrubs (woooooooo! Gooo Scrubs!)  which ending with “Somewhere over the … Continue reading

Diamond Rings

Hey! Sorry it has been sooo long since I have posted (well, 10 days? It is a LOGN time in blogging world, let me tell ya!) – but school started on the 19th, as I said – and it has been SO hectic! Modern Studies (I took it, I’m doing Standard Grade now) is so … Continue reading

Pandasaur :)

Hey everyone! Not posted in a week! Oh noes 😮 Anyway, lol. Moving on to the main topic! Well, I applied to be hosted by the faaaabulous Faith over at – and guess what?! She accepted! That means I have my own little part of the web,! And now you can email me … Continue reading

The Dancing Mushroom Award!

Oh yes! I have made it! I have successfully made the first official Beanieology award! It is the Dancing Mushroom Award!! (it technically doesn’t say a dancing mushroom, but I didn’t have enough room, oh the woes) Using my oh so spiffy Paint Tool SAI program, I have completed one of my blogging tasks, hurrah! … Continue reading

Inspiro: Fashion bloggers – designing your own!

O wonderful random titles – how I love thee? I AM BAAACK!!!! (if you haven’t noticed, I was away from Wed 1st, to Tue 7) Aaaah! Too many exclamation marks!! :O Oh laptop – I missed you SO much! So let’s move on.. I have found a new love! Yet, it is forbidden, as it … Continue reading

Awards, awards, awards and.. tags?!

My my. I did not think life here at Beanieology would get so good! I feel that much more positive now 🙂 Thankyou ever so much to Cherry over at for giving me my first tag! Thankyou 😀 And also for being the first person to give me my first awards! She gave me … Continue reading