Warped version

Hello! Long time no talk.. Wow, that phrase is a phrase that I use all too often… I meet these awesome people, get to know them, and then I move on. I hate to think that this will become what I am. I hate to think that I will never love for that reason. I … Continue reading

Body, Mind and Soul

Please note: I’m going to be talking about my body here… I’m pretty insecure about my body, so this is pretty much me trying to… not be so insecure. Now that that is over with – I’m sorry I haven’t been posting very much lately. It’s just that I haven’t really had any ideas about … Continue reading

My Summer Music <3's

(thanks to Sasha from the Sweet Bonjour for the Summer music list idea!!) Sooooo I didn’t have the time to add my music list on the best before, so I will just post it now! ^_^ My summer music loves involve a LOT of different types of songs than I used to enjoy – I … Continue reading

The days are getting longer…

Wow – I just can not be bothered with life at the moment. Sorry. Life’s like that sometimes for me, and I need to take a break. But don’t worry. I’ll be back. I just.. there’s not much to talk about, and sometimes I am not in the mood to talk. But to be honest, … Continue reading

Don’t let things get you down

Which technically, things are getting me down D: I had my fringe cut on Tuesday, but I don’t like it because my hairdresser cut it a bit too short. Luckily though, I managed to turn the situation around by making sure my fringe covered my whole forehead, and I am using hair accessories to draw … Continue reading

Confiding in a mirror..

(Wow. Third post so far today! I bet I am not going to keep up this activeness for much longer… >.>) So, the other day, right after I had finished brushing my teeth with a special orthopedic (sp?) toothbrush.. after washing my face.. after my skincare regime.. I thought up a quote – and I … Continue reading