Threads Fashion Design Competition – My Entry

Hello again! Before I start – I HAVE got posts lined up. Because these aren’t, to me, proper posts. Just… updates. More like xD Anyway – I have entered this competition which is on the website. It’s a great book written by Sophia Bennett, and I got a Bliss magazine a while back and … Continue reading

Body, Mind and Soul

Please note: I’m going to be talking about my body here… I’m pretty insecure about my body, so this is pretty much me trying to… not be so insecure. Now that that is over with – I’m sorry I haven’t been posting very much lately. It’s just that I haven’t really had any ideas about … Continue reading

The stuff we take for granted… Malawi 09/10

Hello again ^_^ Today —- mission is a longer post! And also to update 101 in 1001, do my pointless contest, and my maths homework, Yayyy(!) So, you may be wondering what the title means today. And guess what? The title ACTUALLY MEANS SOMETHING! I know… big stuff right? Well, to be honesst it isn’t … Continue reading

It’s promotion time again! (Sure Girl)

I am sooo sorry I have been lacking in the nice long, lengthy and interesting posts department! I just don’t seem to have much to talk about at the moment, even if it is the summer hols! I promise I will get some….. inspiration – get some book reviews – perhaps update 101 in 1001 … Continue reading

LOL: Watch what you put on your face…

So, AVON, the leading world dermatologists, have come up with a new formula! It is called AVON ANEW Clinical Derma- Full X3 Facial Filling Serum. The AVON shop to buy this from is here. And the advert is located here (WATCH ALL OF THIS ADVERT!) So, that make look all harmless and all, right? In … Continue reading

Inspiro: Fashion bloggers – designing your own!

O wonderful random titles – how I love thee? I AM BAAACK!!!! (if you haven’t noticed, I was away from Wed 1st, to Tue 7) Aaaah! Too many exclamation marks!! :O Oh laptop – I missed you SO much! So let’s move on.. I have found a new love! Yet, it is forbidden, as it … Continue reading

“Hey, hey, we’re the Monkees!

And people say we monkey around!! But we’re too busy singing To put anybody down….” I’m back! Hurray! 🙂 Excuse my.. not so great singing! (not that you can hear anyway – buuttttt you never know!) I was watching a programme on Channel Five called Extraordinary Animals, and it was about a chimp called Ayumu … Continue reading