Cherry Blossom

EEP! More than a month since my last post?! Preposterous! What’s been keeping me from posting? Well…. My S3 exams took up the 2 weeks before the week of 22nd of March – revision was the one thing that I did! (apart from the norm ;)) Updating my room to match my age. My box … Continue reading

“It looks like we’re not in Kansas anymore..”

– Judy Garland, Wizard of Oz Hehe, I thought of this as the title as me and my little sister are currently watching Wizard of Oz. I don’t actally know why, but I think it might be because my sister finished watching an episode of Scrubs (woooooooo! Gooo Scrubs!)  which ending with “Somewhere over the … Continue reading

The stuff we take for granted… Malawi 09/10

Hello again ^_^ Today —- mission is a longer post! And also to update 101 in 1001, do my pointless contest, and my maths homework, Yayyy(!) So, you may be wondering what the title means today. And guess what? The title ACTUALLY MEANS SOMETHING! I know… big stuff right? Well, to be honesst it isn’t … Continue reading

I want crusha! (awards page)

Hallo! 🙂 I like random titles, can you tell? Okies, well, I made an awards page today, because unlike most of blogger friends who are on blogspot, who have nifty sidebars, my theme for wordpress has the sidebar thing at the bottom, and adding awards to it there, well, it ain’t that pretty! It makes … Continue reading

Why, why, why, why, why?!

Why?! I am saying a lot of “Why?”‘s because my summer holidays have started (on the 26th, to be precise) but so far the weather has been utter crap. In the last two days, you would think I would not have much of an opinion on the weather – but I do. But yeah the … Continue reading

Little Miss Gadget-i-rimooo!

Yeah, this week’s post is all about gadgets and electronics and all that stuffs! Soo let us begin! With some updates… 101 in 1001 is going pretty well – today I completed the Twitter a day for 31 days, which I can’t believe it has been so long already! Time flies by, when you’re having … Continue reading

All is calm… all is bright

I am starting S3 TODAY! I picked my subjects…. (if you are interested: Modern Studies French Chemistry Physics Art and Design Craft and Design also, Maths and English are compulsory. We also have PE, PSE and RME once a week!) So anyway – today we start S3 for four weeks before the end of term, … Continue reading

PICHURE TIME Naooooo! (twilight, 101/1001, etc.)

Very crazy title! But I feel very crazy and wild today. Good news is that I feel much much better than I did LAST Sunday. I was off school on Monday (and missed a 9 mile walk!! Woooo! (it was activity week this week at school!), but went back on Tuesday, and evidentally got hay … Continue reading

Ill, ill ill… and boooooks

I woke up this morning, and happened to nearly be sick because of a sore throat D: And I am SO SO SO tired it is unbelievable! I didn’t even go to sleep that late either! It is annoying 😦 I hate being ill, especially on a weekend. And this week is Activity Week at … Continue reading

If all else fails, think of an elephant

Ok, crap title. Sorry. I couldn’t think of anything else >.> This is about…. a few things. First of all, don’t you wish there was a teenager’s newspaper? Like The Scotsman (or any other proper newspaper) but slightly more easy to understand, so we could understand far better 😉 I understand the majority of newspapers, … Continue reading