The Girl

So if there wasn’t a girl called Beanie, then the science, research and knowledge of the girl called Beanie (or, Beanieology) wouldn’t even be here.. or anything else which I have done in my entire life.

As you should know already, my name is Beanie. My real name is actually Jean (can you see a resemblance?) and my friends (online and offline) usually call me Beanie, Bean, Jean Bean, or Jeanie Beanie. I turned 15 years of age on January 31st 2010 ^_^

Real Name Jean O (not telling you the rest!)
Dob January 31st, 1995
Heigth 5′ 2″
Weight Nu uh! 😛
Likes Reading, writing, drawing, manga, kawaii japanese things, cycling, badminton, netball, hockey, Lazy Oaf, Heidi Seeker, X Files, Benefit, Skin care (LOL) and (more or less) unknown music
Dislikes Noisy people, chavs, very very late nights (I get ill), n00bs, scary stories, EXAMS

I am a very creative and imaginative person xD I really want to take up photography as a passionate hobby. It would just be so amazing to record everything! (At the moment I really love taking photos of things around me. I took an old instant camera and put the lens part of that in front of my digital camera lens, then took a picture of something through it. It is a group on Flickr called Through The Viewfinder :))

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE anything Japanese! Seriously! Japanese stuff is my heaven! It’s so CUTE! And inspiring….. I want to visit Japan sometime in my life. My friends think I’ll move to Japan – I would – but I love Scotland too much to move!

I love earning money too 🙂 I HAVE to have a minimum of £30 or I’ll die, for serious. I make money doing Dubit Insider (google it for more information :D)

And I am SOOOOO crazy and random! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Can you tell? No? Phew! Glad no one saw THAT! *cough*

My vices: Japan, reading, creativity.

😀 Not in that order, of course!

See ya around? KONICHIWA! Wait.. that means hello… OH WELL!


Rainbow sparkles and dancing mushrooms!

Ciao x


PS. I love Mulder! 🙂

3 Responses to “The Girl”
  1. Angela says:

    lol, what do you mean, crazy and random? you seem as normal as any of my other friends! (which actually isn’t saying much, as one of my friend’s favorite words is awesometastical, and whenever I get emails from another one, at the bottom is “go tacos.” so, yea.)

  2. geckograce says:

    Origato! I think that means thank you? I hope? Random thank you’s to all! BWA HA HA… *calms down*
    Your blog is cool! I love what you entered to the threads comp. 🙂
    And it’s nice to see a fellow Lazy Oaf lover. ^^ I only have a bag, I’m afraid I’m more into cheap chic! Haha, we have similar taste!
    I’m into Japanese too. I’m into watching K-ON! At the moment. I’m hooked, fo’ sho’. (Ignore, that. I’m not gangster).
    Chavs… Hate em… And you don’t like NOOBS!? D: I’mma screwed then 😀

    • Beanie says:

      XD I am not actually sure! I will have to look it up. Thanks 😀 And congratulations for coming 2nd in it, too, btw :3 And WOOT! I love Lazy Oaf – it is one of my most favourite shops, mainly because it is so unique compared to all the normal high street stuff! I also completely recommend Heidi Seeker too – I have tons from them. I recommend the Mystery Bag – I have two XD – its only £17 but you can then get stuff valued from £20 – £50 in the bag! In my second one I got the cutest neon pink t-shirt with a neon yellow smiling heart on it 😀

      Yup, Japanese are VAIR cool :3 K-ON? I am assuming that may be an anime of some kind? I don’t watch anime much, I prefer to read manga because it is right in front of me on paper ^_^

      XD I highly doubt you are a n00b 😉

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