Technology & Mobile Phones

Today’s youth are growing up in a world where mobile phones are commonplace at a young age and the internet is widely used in schools. This way of life has given you an unparalleled understanding of this space.

When I look back at when I was young, I realise that even then, technology and the World Wide Web were not completely popular, like it is now. Compared to 2010, when I know of some 8 year olds knowing how to use a Graphics Tablet with ease and understanding – when I was that age, knowing that kind of thing was embarassing… and well, I didn’t know WHAT a graphics tablet was when I was 8.

However, let’s not talk about the past. With technology, the past is only referenced when people talk about the good and bad points – perhaps with a hint of nostalgia – but if you want to really understand technology you need to know the present and the future… never the past.

Now, even though when I was 8 and all I could do was use a word processor to write and print out pages about the Power Puff Girls and how they were pretty and beautiful, I think I have a basic understanding of all the important things now.

I have an opinion on mobile phones, the network providers… social networking, micro blogging, blog providers (WordPress vs Blogger), internet memes (Trololololol being one), videos, gadgets…… I could go on and on and on!

Now, the big question is, when bombarded with advertisements, recommendations, videos, blog posts and such like… how do I make my decision about what I think is best.. and what is just not good enough?

I think it all comes down to the technology. Apple has managed to keep improving their products, and this decade have produced several products which are defining gadgets, and nearly everyone in the world knows their names – iPod and iPhone (Mac has also gotten incredibly good this decade as well, though – just not AS innovative, I think).

However, when you see an ad which catches your eye, and then you look it up and find good reviews all over, you know it has to be pretty damn good as well. When I heard about Windows 7 I was sceptical, but the reviews said it was better than Vista and HP… and as I had background knowledge of what both XP and Vista are like, I knew 7 was going to be pretty good.

Now, I think that when it comes to brands and why they stand out to me, I have to say that if the brand has a presence… a great brand identity, then they usually get the thumbs up from me (however, it has to be something I am interested in, first of all!). For example, one brand I look up to is Google. I use their products every day.. Google Mail, Google Search, iGoogle, Google Docs.. Why do I use them? First of all – I trust Google as they have managed to gain a lot of respect as a company. And secondly, they are so useful. Google Mail is unlike other mail clients. It has class and, it works perfectly! They created a NEW WAY TO EMAIL, and it made it easier.

If a company manages to make something old that was used well, and then make that something even better, then chances are that they will become well known for it!

Another example… communicating with people. So there’s email, snail mail and phone. The concept for a social network was first around with the website, which launched in 1997. However, Myspace managed to make social networking really boom – but it wasn’t until Facebook when now nearly everyone knows it’s name! Somehow, companies like Youtube and Facebook have taken the initial concept of communicating with people you know and managed to make it that much better.

Moving on to…. mobile phones. When I chose my network provider, Orange, I had reasons why I did choose Orange.

  1. The rest of my family were on Orange. It meant it was cheaper to call/text them, and they were the people I called and texted most!
  2. Orange had a good brand identity – I like their adverts. The style they go for is nice as well.. The indie of mobile phone network providers!
  3. Good value and variety. I have a Pay as you Go phone which was very cheap, but they have both cheap/good phones as well as the expensive/awesome phones.
  4. Trustworthy. My Dad had used Wanadoo, Orange’s ISP “imprint” previously, and when they rebranded it as Orange, I now knew that they were connected (when before I hadn’t). Wanadoo was good, so I decided to go for Orange’s mobile network too.

I’ve stayed with Orange for several years now, and it is unlikely I’ll ever change.

So what makes me choose a mobile phone? Not too many factors, really. I have had several phones, but overall they have always stood out to me as being both beautiful but useful, yet also very cheap! My phones have never cost more than £40, and I like it that way. It means I have money left over to buy other things, but I know that my phone still has all the things I need, such as internet, SMS, calls, a game or two, and a decent camera/video.

As long as it is cheap, has all those features but still looks nice, I am most likely to buy it. However, I don’t need one for another 2 years! It won’t stop me from lusting over an iPhone though (there is no harm in wishing!).

Technology keeps evolving, so ultimately I think that my opinions above, on mobile networks, mobile handsets, and technology in general, will keep changing and changing, so long as our knowledge keeps growing.

4 Responses to “Technology & Mobile Phones”
  1. anyette says:

    BRAVO BEANIE ❤ well said. XD

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