Day of Awakening


I have missed this blog so much! I have missed my readers! Everyone! I just didn’t feel like posting…

So what has been happening since May 3rd?

Well, to save all the annoying “I didn’t really do much” (when I didn’t REALLY), I will start with that I am now an intern for an American YA author! I know right! I don’t know what I want to be when I am older so I am just grabbing opportunities when they sail past me. This is either a really good thing, or a really bad thing. Anywho – things are going well with that.

The last month or so of school was fine – I did a few tests… watched a ton of films.. to be perfectly honest I can’t remember anything interesting happening!

So I’m going to try posting once a week on beanieology again – so if I am not… come along to my house and SMACK ME WITH A FISH.

Please? Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€


After a year of looking, I went into a sweet shop in my town’s high street on my mum’s recommendation, and thanks to that I’ve lived here my whole life and my mum’s friendliness they accepted me!

I now have muscles on my right forearm from scooping icecream xD I work roughly 3 times a week.. and what with me looking after chickens for two weeks… I might be able to afford a iPod touch in two weeks! Ikr?!

I spend far too much in the holidays. And it is because I have nothing to do! So what have i bought so far?

  1. a book called fashion design drawing course – it has so far proved to be very helpful! In the front of the book it says it is similar to a college course on fashion design. Very good! ๐Ÿ˜€ ALSO – there are projects to do every couple of pages, and they are such good projects! The first one is to visit a museum to gain inspiration!
  2. An A4 hardback landscape sketchbook (this was before holidays… but o well – I bought it since last post!). I looooove drawing in it. I make notes on all sort of things… Nautical style (and how it originated), 20’s fashion, African style, Cath Kidston, to name but a few! I am using some pages to work on some ideas for my S4 Art & Design folio.
  3. Magazines! I have already got a Glamour, and two new Look magazines in the past 3 weeks! AHHAHAH.
  4. And that’s…. it? I thought I had bought more, but I must have left something out xD

So in my last post, or the post before that, I stated my love of deviantART. That love is long gone, I am afraid. I am back to drawing for myself, and not for anyone else. I just thought I could restart dA again, but I HATE doing requests and having to post deviations! I am a procrastinator, deeeeefinately.

BLOG WISE – I am trying to get Auberjean off the ground again. It isn’t working too well, but I wrote a new post – Fashion Designing on a Teenage Budget. Check it out!

Magic Bean Review is doing very well! I have a ton of followers on Twitter, a Facebook page, two giveaways, interviews with authors planned, phew! So go check it out ๐Ÿ™‚

Moving on to……..


This new section is where I showcase some awesome Tumblr posts which I have come across in my time.

Usually pictures!

(is this section just for filling out the post? HELL YES!)

And that is all for now, cos then I run out of awesome pictures for my TUMBLR LOVE section! :O

Dancing cat-that-makes-faces-in-mirrors and CO2 guitars

Ciao xx



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