Warped version

Hello! Long time no talk.. Wow, that phrase is a phrase that I use all too often… I meet these awesome people, get to know them, and then I move on. I hate to think that this will become what I am. I hate to think that I will never love for that reason. I hate to think that maybe, maybe I will never get better.

The title? Well it isn’t that “deep” so to speak. But it kind of goes with my mind set for the last few months. But I am sitting watching Grand Designs, and it’s a couple who remind me of Phil and Kirstie off of Location, Location, Location and Relocation, Relocation (that’s a lot of location’s), but they are no exactly like them, just sort of, in a slight way. Warped.

In the Easter Holidays my Grandpa (my mum’s dad) fell ill. He isn’t one to get ill. In all my time of being alive, I knew him to be ill once, from the shingles, and that is it. So to find him ill was very strange to get to grips with. He had bronchitis, then viral pneumonia. Then he collapsed. Just as he was bending down to put on his slipper. What had happened was, a few months back he was cutting the apple tree, and got a sore leg. More sore than normal. He went to the doctor who said it was muscle pain. Then a few weeks later he got a pain in his thigh. He just dismissed it as muscle pain, like the doctor said.

We found out he had collapsed because there were blood clots in his lungs. That was the pain. It was the clot moving. The specialist said “the biggest clot we’d ever seen”. Pulmonary embolism. Luckily he was put on drugs which, although there were chances that the side effects would be nasty, cleared it and he got better and we went to see them at the weekend. And he is back to normal. I hate to think what he looked like, felt like.

It was weird because one of the free books I got because I started my book blog, Magic Bean Review, called No and Me by Delphine de Vigan, where one of the non-main characters’ dies from a pulmonary embolism… I just thought. Wow.

So I don’t want to end this post all depressing, so I will end it with this picture:


Ciao xx


One Response to “Warped version”
  1. Amber says:

    OMG, after looking at those last pictures for a while….aren’t they Doctor Who and Billie Piper? I like the ‘How youu dewwin’ one too LOL funny!

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