Cherry Blossom

EEP! More than a month since my last post?! Preposterous! What’s been keeping me from posting? Well….

  • My S3 exams took up the 2 weeks before the week of 22nd of March – revision was the one thing that I did! (apart from the norm ;))
  • Updating my room to match my age. My box shelves and my pinboard needed seeeeeerious updating. (Disney stickers?!)


(Click the pictures to be taken to the flickr page! :))

  • And also, the biggest one of all… I have recently gotten back into;Why? What? You may ask. If you’ve never been on deviantArt before, or never heard of it before (le gasp!) it is a site where you can post up art of any shape or form… photograpohy, drawings, pictures of art you’ve made (kawaii shops like doing that, it serves as great EYE CANDY! 8D). I went back into deviantART because I wanted to start practicing my drawing and art, and meet new people and to also get my work seen. It has also helped by showing me things to do – like there is a fashion design group where I am going to be entering a design competition called Centre Stage. They give you tasks and “ways” to draw new designs! It’s really good. The entrance challenge needs you to take three pictures..
  • One of an object outside
  • One of an object in your room
  • A random garment from your wardrobe

Here is my pictures I have taken. I haven’t started on the outfit (which is a day one and a night (going out) one, all inspired by the photos):

And for the outside I am finding it hard to choose from these three(!):

And just today I paid a good friend of mine from TNO to make me a cute dAvatar! So now, when you visit my deviantART,


my icon looks like this!!

Cute, huh? :

I have a load of things to do, lots of requests and trades to get to! And before I forget, I better update my 101 in 1001! I am soo bad at it ^^

Ciao x


One Response to “Cherry Blossom”
  1. CherryDiva says:

    Wow I loooooooooooooove all the photos! They’re amazing!

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