Interview :D

I was interviewed (quite a while ago) by Vienna (from Vienna’s Corner of the World). It’s pasted below but you can also view it on her blog, here!

What’s you’re name/blog name: My name is Jean, but I usually go by Beanie. My blog’s name is Beanieology.

Blog address:

What country do you live in: Scotland

What do you like about that country: The beautiful landscape and the amazing architecture.

If you’re not homeschooled do you want to be. Explain: I would not want to be home schooled for several reasons;
1) I have been in public school all my life (10 years)
2) My mum has to help work with my dad because my dad can’t do work as well as he could (rare eye disease). So no one would actually be able to teach me.
3) I wouldn’t see all my friends anymore
4) I have started my 2 year Standard Grade course with some really good teachers.

Are you in public school if so what do you like about it what do you not like about it:
Well some of my reasons why are listed above, but;
1) I have a lot of friends and they are all PWNSOME!
2) I love just having something to do
3) Most of my teachers are uber awesome

If you’re not in public school do you want to be.: Oh for sure!!

Favorite color: It has been purple and turquoise for a while, but I am starting to like blue and aqua.

Favorite sport: I do not watch sport but I love doing a lot of sports, for example, hockey, netball, badminton, cycling and walking. And ping pong. xD

Favorite food: Chicken and leek pie (mmm pastry :9)

Favorite season: Summer. We don’t have that much of an amazing summer, but it is slightly warmer than the rest of the year!

Favorite singer/band/song: Passion Pit & their song Little Secrets! (and Moth’s Wings). Also liked La Roux before she got mainstream, but not so much now. I like a whole load of songs but I won’t bore you with my interesting and different choices, haha.

Ciao x


One Response to “Interview :D”
  1. Winnie says:

    You know, I’ve never made it as far as Scotland before in the UK. I need to change this.

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