I’m famous(ish)!

Okay, so I was doing my normal rounds of all the websites I check regularly, when I was checking Beanieology’s stats, when this appeared!


I was very confused… why was the link to my blog.. on the Threads website? So I went to investigate, clicked onto a couple of the pages, then came across the page, All About You. I thought it looked promising, then found this; :O


Please drag the above image to your address bar for FULL VIEW! ^_^)

I am very pleased… but also confused.. Sophia must have found my link when I commented on her blog, or maybe I gave her the link in an email I sent her… I can’t remember.. hm.

And Amber’s Mile Long Bookshelf is up there, too! Congratulations, Amber!

I should really be redrafting an essay on the Merchant of Venice for English, so I have to depart now :<

Ciao x


2 Responses to “I’m famous(ish)!”
  1. Sophia says:

    Hi Beanie!

    Oh no! This link wasn’t supposed to go up until I’d heard whether or not the designer thought it was a good idea, and I’d asked you. Are you happy with it being there? (I did indeed find your blog, by the way, when you mentioned the fashion competition and the threads website – it works both ways! – and thank you for the mention.) This is a lovely blog and I’d like more people to see it, but I don’t like confusing people. Not one little bit! (Talking of which, must write to Amber now, and check if she’s happy too …) Big apologies for the confusion. sophia xxx

  2. Amber says:

    OMG IM FAMOUS(ISH) TOO! *jumps up and down* That is SO COOL! XD

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