S3 Exams. Oh crap.

Hello! I am so sorry I haven’t been posting again – and my weekbook hasn’t been weekly either! 😦

Anywho, the reason why I have been so busy is that I had that homework to do over the holiday, and also I have started revising for my S3 exams! I’ve got them the whole week from the 22nd of March, and I am TERRIFIED! I’ve gotten out all my subject folders, written out a revision timetable (as seen below) and have ordered three books from Amazon:

  • Standard Grade Bitesize French
  • How to Pass Standard Grade Physics
  • How to pass Standard Grade Modern Studies

Those are the subjects I would be most likely to get a lower mark in, so I bought these for help to revise for these exams and for my S4 ones too!

I’ve used an old Pucca divider folder thing so I am putting all my revision notes and tips inside there for most of my subjects.

And if you are nosey, here is my desk as of now. My Physics folder is there along with my Pucca divider pad, my iPod, my pencil case, my A2 revision sheet on the wall and my French dictionary (I was trying an old past paper for French). Try and ignore the Nintendo DS XD I was… umm… having a break? Haha!

Anyway- that’s been life for me the last few weeks!

Ciao x



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