S3 Exams. Oh crap.

Hello! I am so sorry I haven’t been posting again – and my weekbook hasn’t been weekly either! 😦 Anywho, the reason why I have been so busy is that I had that homework to do over the holiday, and also I have started revising for my S3 exams! I’ve got them the whole week … Continue reading

Weekbook #1

Thanks to Amber for the idea of it! My one is a videooo. I look different now cos I have had my haircut. ^_^

Magic Beans

Hello! Sorry I am doing really short posts at the moment, but that is the only kind I am able to do! It IS the holiday (for a week) but I have art homework, english homework and physics homework 😦 Anywwhoo. My host, Faith, moved all the domains to one account a few weeks ago, … Continue reading

Wish you were here

Hello 🙂 Gee, it feels ages since I last posted, except it was only a couple of weeks ago! Anywho…. my birthday has come and gone – poof! Just like that. I’ve bought some spiffy things….. for example…. my sailor sweater dress from Lazy Oaf (£44) And loads of other things to do with school … Continue reading