Normal service will resume after this short break

I was thinking of “resuming” and TV and that, and also that I AM going to write more posts soon, it is just that I am ULTRA busy. School is getting hectic, I have tests, I have S3 exams coming up in a couple of months and now we are supposed to start thinking about what we are wanting to do after school.

This has started me thinking, because I don’t actually know what I want to be, and I never have :S

So I went on to Careers Scotland, did the “Careers Match” and got a few several good ideas. I went on to Plan It Plus . net and I found the jobs, which courses at which universities I could get, and which Highers I would need to get into that course. I can’t explain it very well though. I am aiming to get into a course which requires 3/4 Highers at BBB/B. I think C’s would be aiming a bit low, and it is important to aim high (well that is what my Headteacher said in an assembly in S1)

Anywhoooo. This post is a short update, because I needed to update, for serious.

Here is my to do list to write about in other posts in the upcoming weeks/months


Christmas – What I got, etc.

Tumblr – the awesomeness


Miseducated (website) – the awesomeness


Threads update

Carbon Diaries: 2015 (film/tv thing)

Fashion books

Wreck this Journal


The Humane Blogger award (I got from Sara! Thankyou!)

And that is my list of posts to write. Neat, huh?

So I better be off. I have a Credit Chemistry test to revise for and a book review to do. Yay.

Oh, it’s my birthday on Sunday, too! I’mma gonna be 15 :O

Which is more than slightly scary, let’s be honest.

Yeah… so how is everyone else? 😮

Ciao x


5 Responses to “Normal service will resume after this short break”
  1. CherryDiva says:

    Yay, you’re BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey do u have msn?

  2. Very interesting article I enjoy your blog carry on the great blog posts

  3. Indigo says:

    Just letting you know that you won an award on my blog 🙂

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