If I were a tree

Hello 🙂 It is a very random title. Okay, it has SOME sense – because technically I have sort of neglected the blog, so I could be a tree. Because trees don’t have access to the internet. But oh well.

Anywho – I am sorry I haven’t posted much – life has been pretty hectic… I have had my Christmas dance at school… the holidays…. an art project to finish… a dress design competition to enter… Christmas…

BUT, I have written down ideas for two posts… one to sum up about Christmas and cool websites and what I have been doing – and one to show off one cool website. But this will be done within…. a few weeks? I have THREE DAYS to DO MY WHOLE DRESS DESIGN for this competition – and I have UNTIL TUESDAY TO FINISH MY ART PROJECT.

So, cheerio 🙂


One Response to “If I were a tree”
  1. Indigo says:

    Good luck w/the projects!



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