Normal service will resume after this short break

I was thinking of “resuming” and TV and that, and also that I AM going to write more posts soon, it is just that I am ULTRA busy. School is getting hectic, I have tests, I have S3 exams coming up in a couple of months and now we are supposed to start thinking about … Continue reading

Threads Fashion Design Competition – My Entry

Hello again! Before I start – I HAVE got posts lined up. Because these aren’t, to me, proper posts. Just… updates. More like xD Anyway – I have entered this competition which is on the website. It’s a great book written by Sophia Bennett, and I got a Bliss magazine a while back and … Continue reading

If I were a tree

Hello 🙂 It is a very random title. Okay, it has SOME sense – because technically I have sort of neglected the blog, so I could be a tree. Because trees don’t have access to the internet. But oh well. Anywho – I am sorry I haven’t posted much – life has been pretty hectic… … Continue reading