“It looks like we’re not in Kansas anymore..”

– Judy Garland, Wizard of Oz
Hehe, I thought of this as the title as me and my little sister are currently watching Wizard of Oz. I don’t actally know why, but I think it might be because my sister finished watching an episode of Scrubs (woooooooo! Gooo Scrubs!)  which ending with “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and my sister put the Wizard of Oz DVD on and we just ended up watching it, lol.

OH I have a coolio thing to report about! I am sre most of yo shall know about Facebook, and most probably have an account on it. But my most favourite application (app) on Facebook is…

Restaurant City!

It is MEGA fun. My restaurant is called Aubergine (hehe, oberjean!) and I am level 14 at the moment. I am hopeflly going to be level 15 by the end of the night though! 🙂 Here is a screenie of my restaurant at the moment:


(Please drag to your address bar for a BIGGER image! :))

I hope to be level 32 by the end of the year – give or take a few days lol.

I am REALLY sorry hwo I haven’t posted recently – I jst have been UBER busy with school & homework and real life and all that crap :[ I’m also hoping for my mum to teach me dressmaking/sewing soon so that I know how to do for the dressmaking part of my Standard Grade Art & Design course. Well, there’s other work in ym art class which are dresses and stuff, so I think I might do a dress too! 🙂

I always have ideas to post about when I haven’t got the time to post, but when I actually get around to posting all those ideas aboslutely vanish into thin air! 😦 I get very annoyed with myself sometimes >_<

I need to update 101 in 1001 soon, I think I did it quite recently, I am sure I have done it in October, but I need to update it again so I don’t forget ^__^

Before I forget, I need to thank Cherry Diva for the lovely comment you made on my last post (Body, Mind, Soul) ^__^ You made my day! *hugglesquish*

So moving on. I would like  to let you all know that I am doing another Dubit Insider team, starting on 30th November.  Here is the paragraph about the team from the initial document.

The Food Standards Agency, or FSA, has asked Dubit to help promote healthy living to teens over the next few months. As part of this campaign Dubit’s Interactive department are developing an application that will sit on Facebook and Bebo, this app will be packed with information, hints, tips and advice all focused around healthy living. As part of this team you would be asked to drive as many people as possible to become fans of the applications on Facebook and Bebo.

The App will effectively be an online lifestyle magazine targeted at 13 – 17 year olds. Features include:

  • Articles from stylish, influential young people
  • Word on the street’ section by King Adz (www.vimeo.com/4677591)
  • The One Week Challenge

  • Personal Plan

  • Competitions

  • Quizzes

  • Funniest Video of the Week

And articles on:

  • Food & Drink

  • Sport & Fitness

  • Health

  • Entertainment

There’ll also be a section dedicated to content provided by you guys. This can be written pieces, videos that you think are relevant, or gross out pictures. This content is coming exclusively from members of this team and will be viewed by thousands of young people, including all of your friends!

This will be a great point to include in your C.V./UCAS application, particularly for those of you interested in pursuing University courses and careers with a focus on writing and/or new media (English, Media, Marketing, Journalism etc).

I bolded the last bit because I am UBER excited about that! It’s a good extra thing to have, methinks. Maybe I should go into journalism? My mum said that during work experience week in S4, if I still want to try out journalism (in case I want to try out something else by then) I can get some experience at a local newspaper or EVEN A MAGAZINE!! I wold love to be an intern at a fashion magazine, for example.

Which brings me onto the next topic!

I found several cool fashion/uniqueness websites.

Well, one isn’t new to me, lol.

I used a website called http://www.etsy.com to help with my Art & Design homework to find insect/butterfly related jewellry, and it really helped! I recommend it for pictures too, but I am sure there is a lot of good quality stuff there if you are interested 🙂

So here is the list! (there might be a couple of things that aren’t design or art or fashion related but I think are pretty cool anyway, lol)

Paperfashion is a very cool blog by Katie Rodgers. She recently was a victim of plagiarism – a 12 year old girl from Lithuania on Stardoll pretended soem of Katie Rodgers BEAUTIFUL fashion drawings were hers, and sent them into Stardoll Admin. Stardoll then conveniently made a shop dedicated to the drawings – making clothes based on the drawings. But, thanks to wonderfl Stardoll bloggers the truth was uncovered as the controversial girl was caght red handed, and said “sorry”. Just goes to show that people really do try and copy things and think that they can actually get away with it.

So don’t steal things, kids. I’ll leave you with an uber cool cupcake from the Paper Fashion website!! 🙂

Lovely isn’t it?

Ciao for now! x


4 Responses to ““It looks like we’re not in Kansas anymore..””
  1. Amber says:

    The English version of Etsy is Folksy. My mum has a Folksy shop, Top Floor Treasures 😀

  2. CherryDiva says:

    Oooh, have u heard of http://www.polyvore.com? It’s a cool fashion site. Check it out! My username’s ♥Stacey♥

  3. CherryDiva says:

    my username there is CherryDreamz 🙂

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