Body, Mind and Soul

Please note: I’m going to be talking about my body here… I’m pretty insecure about my body, so this is pretty much me trying to… not be so insecure.

Now that that is over with – I’m sorry I haven’t been posting very much lately. It’s just that I haven’t really had any ideas about a post that I could make.

Cos you know I like interesting posts xD Well, most of the time.

So for the first part of this post I’ll be talking about my body (yippee) and why teens are so insecure. After that will be Skin Secrets. And after THAT I’ll talk about what I’ve been up to! πŸ™‚

So, starting off with my body. I hate my body. Okay, there are some parts I like. Okay, scratch that. Some days I FEEL like I like my body. But I think deep down I actually don’t. One day I hopefully will, but that is in the future.

Why do I, then? Because I’m so sticky thin. Well… in a way I like being quite light (I’m gaining weight though! YAY) because it just feels like home, to be perfectly honest. It feels weird actually being a healthy weight. I know, sounds a bitΒ  stupid doesn’t it?

I KNOW I shouldn’t want to attract boys because of my looks, but because of the STUPID media etc. that is how I feel now. I have small boobs. Very small. Hardly there. (Secret to bigger boobs? Wear a bra. ITS A MIRACLE WORKER) I feel very self conscious about it because:

  • a) Pretty much every other girl in my year had boobs in S1 (and still has, obviously, in S3)
  • and b) I’m the oldest girl in my year

My mum always says to me that everyone else grows at a different time, and I know that, but I still WORRY and feel SELF CONSCIOUS even THOUGH I KNOW that. What is wrong with me?

I got onto this topic for a post when I got an email from, their newsletter, which was saying about their boob files (I lol’ed in real life). I clicked on it, and managed to find the one that suits me – small boobs. And this lovely thing made me feel just slightly better about my figure:


So yeah…. I’m going to try and not feel so down, and actually start believing that eventually they will grow. Eventually xD

Soooooo moving onto toooooooooOOoOoOoO:

Skin Secrets

Whoops whoooop! I got the inspiration from Doe Deere’s Blogazine – she had a lovely post up about skin secrets ^_^

So an important part of keeping your skin healthy is to CLEANSE, TONE, AND MOISTURISE!

What the hell are they?! You might ask. Or you might not.

  1. CLEANSE – Use a cleanser on a cotton pad, smooth on face and rinse off with warm water. This removes all the yuckiness on your skin, makeup and all! πŸ˜€
  2. TONE – Also plop some on a cotton pad, wipe in upwards and outwards motions. (don’t rinse off!) This pretty much follows on after the cleanser, making sure there isn’t any yuckiness still left. It refreshes the skin ^_^
  3. MOISTURISE – Squeeze a little amount onto your hand, rub your hands and smooth it gently with upwards and outwards movements. Moisturising helps increase your circulation and gives your skin a revitalising boost by plumping up the skin cells with moisture (that’s where the name comes from xD)

And you might be wondering what is the best cleanser/toner/moisturiser to use? Well I couldn’t really say because I haven’t tried every single one out. But I j’adore the Simple Kind to Skin range.

I use:

  • Simple (Kind to Skin) Hydrating Light Moisturiser
  • Simple (Kind to Skin) Purifying Cleansing Lotion
  • Simple (Kind to Skin) Soothing Facial Toner

And they work maaaaagnificently! And:

  1. They have vital vitamins in them
  2. They are skin loving nutrients
  3. There is no perfume and no colour SO IT WON’T UPSET YOUR SKIN!!

So it is perfect for sensitive skin ^_^ I don’t have sensitive skin, but it’s kind to the environment and not like other skin products, and they are pretty cheap too (and usually on offer at Boots)! πŸ™‚

(I also have Simple (Kind to Skin) Refreshing Facial Wash Gel, which I use every couple of days and works well too!)

Can you tell I’m obsessed with skincare?

Probably, but maybe not xD I always like looking at the skincare aisle in Boots rather than anywhere else, lol.

I have other skincare stuff but Simple is the best out of it.

APART from my Garnier Skin Naturals Pure 3in1 Wash, Scrub + Mask! XD I saw it in an advertisement on several magazines, and it looked pretty darn good, but they didn’t have it in my local Boots. So one time when I went uptown with my Mum, we looked in a Superdrug (not there) and another Superdrug (not there) and then in a bigger Boots (there! 8D).

So enough about your daily skincare regime. Let’s move onto tips you need to know. Thanks to Doe Deere for these tips ^_^

  • Don’t get a REAL tan – use fake tanning instead, because real tanning means you are damaging your skin from the UV rays in the sun, and it can lead to skin cancer. Try not to avoid the sun at all though, because you need Vitamin D, which you get from the sun ^__^
  • Always wear suncream when you’re going out in the sun. Apply 15 mins before going out πŸ™‚
  • Water is incredibly good for your body, it makes up 75% of you (fact fans rejoice!)! Water hydrates your body, so you need to drink at least 8 cups of water a day.
  • Don’t ever ever ever go to bed with your makeup on! Night is THEE time for skin rejuvination, and if you have makeup on it blocks your pores. And this means spots, people! Always wash off your makeup ^_^ But always wash your face twice daily, anyway! πŸ™‚

And I think that is it! I’m verging on 1000 words so I better crack on with my news for this week, lol

*in Harry Hill’s TV Burp “of the week” song*


So the last few weeks or so were average :/ Or maybe I just can’t remember anything!

Anyway, on Friday I went down the high street to get my passport (WOOOO) photo taken. It is very bad, so I have only shown my mum (who was with me) and my dad (just cos) it, because I’m very embarassed (yay for insecurity!) because it is a very bad picture of me xD I just wish we could smile in passport photos! I wouldn’t have to worry at all!

Today, I cleared out parts of my room which desperately needed it. I endedΒ  up getting a lot of nostalgia looking at some stuff, and then being a bit sad 😦 But I chose wisely and now my room is a lot cleaner! I also got my haircut today (remember that time in…… April? I hated my fringe PRETTY DARN BAD), and


I don’t hate it. It’s meh, but it’ll grow ^_^ It’s better than the time in April, that’s for sure. I think my hairdresser just listened better, or I explained better, probably πŸ˜€

And tomorrow – !!






YAY! I was glad to get them last… October/September, but I am so glad they are coming off now, because they are getting so annoying! It takes ages to brush my teeth D: I’m getting a retainer tomorrow too, but I don’t know if it is like the ones I had before. Hopefully not xD

By the way, I won’t be posting from FRIDAY the 23rd, to I think around Sunday 25th

We’re going to go see my great aunt and uncle who are a LARF. I cannot wait xD

I’m going to leave y’all in peace, cos this is getting ridiculously long. If you read all that, I salute you! πŸ™‚

I will see you all again probably by the time school is back on Tuesday πŸ˜€ (because I don’t post a lot, lol)

Ciao for now! x


One Response to “Body, Mind and Soul”
  1. CherryDiva says:

    Firstly, like almost every single person on Earth, no make that in the UNIVERSE (you don’t know who else might be out there…oooh, spooky) at least once for even a little bit felt like they have the most horrible body ever. So it’s ok, really. Just remember that you’re unique, and there is always someone out there uglier than you.

    Secondly, cool skin secrets. Though I don’t really like fake tan. I have only gotten a sun burn ONCE in my whole entire life. Crazy, I know. But you’re absolutely right about the rest of the stuff. Especially the water.

    Thirdly, my passport picture is horrible-er. I had it done AFTER SCHOOL, because mum said it was urgent and I was all sweaty coz i just had sport and basicly eww.

    Lastly, CONGRATS ON YOUR BRACES!!!!!!!!!! YAY! I only have 2 years to go…. lol. Sorry for the long comment btw. πŸ™‚

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