Cyber Mentors

I was reading my little sister’s Shout magazine (the most recent one, check it out!) and came across an article about bullying/cyberbullying and suicide, basically. And there was a real life story, about how a girl got help from this website called: WWW.CYBERMENTORS.ORG.UK And it looked really interesting so I decided to check it out. … Continue reading

Testing email > post function :D

Ignore this cos I’m just testing something! 😀 Ciao x Beanie

So far so good

I like mini posts! So here is another mini post. PHYSICS TEST WAS THE HARDEST TEST I HAVE EVER DONE. I have completely and utterly FAILED. 😦 On the other hand, I am one paragraph away from completely memorising my French essay! 4 paragraphs down, one to go! Yippeeeee! That means I’ll have it memorised … Continue reading

The stuff we take for granted… Malawi 09/10

Hello again ^_^ Today —- mission is a longer post! And also to update 101 in 1001, do my pointless contest, and my maths homework, Yayyy(!) So, you may be wondering what the title means today. And guess what? The title ACTUALLY MEANS SOMETHING! I know… big stuff right? Well, to be honesst it isn’t … Continue reading


Internet turning off in.. 4 mins. Better be quick! So… today was okay. I left my art folder (I took it home) in reggie (registration) so I had to get it back at break – silly me! So I left it in Art today when I had it last. I managed to finish doing one … Continue reading

“Years teach more than books”

– Italian Proverb I actually knew who it was, but I wrote it on google to remember it, then I accidentally wrote over it >_< So I searched it (the quote) in google, but all it was was an Italian Proverb! So I don’t know anymore who said it. I am fascinated by quotes… you … Continue reading