Diamond Rings

Hey! Sorry it has been sooo long since I have posted (well, 10 days? It is a LOGN time in blogging world, let me tell ya!) – but school started on the 19th, as I said – and it has been SO hectic!

Modern Studies (I took it, I’m doing Standard Grade now) is so crap it is actually UNBELIEVABLE. All we do is answer bloody questions from a bloody textbook. And because 100 people took Modern Studies (of 180 pupils in my year) we don’t get a textbook each. Oh the woes of the recession >_<

But my favourite classes have to be Craft & Design and Art & Design! In CD we’re starting a design folio, and I just started on my Design Brief. We’re all designing and making our own freestanding mirrors, which is so cool – and it is helping me practise writing as well, as I drew my own title (unlike ALL the boys in my class, who are using Word Art, lol. They’ll so fail). And I shaded it all pretty as well ^__^

In Art & Design we just finished doing a still life of a vegetable box thingmy which, in my tables’, had a cabbage, melon?, onion, INVISIBLE carrot, celery and a bottle of beer (but, just so you know, it was filled with water, not beer, LOL). I thought mine was okay though. My bottle was pretty rubbish, and my cabbage was way too bright for a cabbage, but all in all, I think it was one of the best in the class! So I am pretty proud of myself XD

Ummmmm…. what else to talk about? Well I got a phone call from Dubit asking me to make a video on what I did in the summer, where I went, my dream holiday and what I did to stop being bored! So I spent all day yesterday (people who follow me on twitter, shall know of my buggeration) making a video. Unfortunately, because it… 1) has a picture of where I live, 2) also have an abbrevation of where I live and 3) has my full name in it – means a perv could easily come and stalk me.

So if you’re desperate to see it just email me (beanbobble@NOSPAMgmail.com (remove nospam, obviously)) and I’ll give you the private link to watch it! And if you do, please reply back with your comments on it, or comment on the page itself, as I want to learn from my mistakes, ya see!

So yeah, my little sister and one of her (and my) friends started to make a video using Build-a-Bears to the song by Chipmunk, Diamond Rings (see where I got the title? ;)). I was originally helping, but I got bored and I’m more grown up now to make videos with bears. I think it’s cute, but I’m only helping if they actually need me now, and with the techy bits. As they are both hopeless, no offense to you if either of you read this, lol.

Soooo that’s pretty much it since last time – except I received my monehs for the Sure Girl team I was on for Dubit Insider ^__^ An extra £15! Woot! Oh, and as the new term starts, all the sports start too!

So, that meant hockey (and netball, eventually) started. I went on Monday, and my trainers didn’t fit anymore, so my feet died. Along with my too small shin guards :/ I’m only doing hockey to keep fit now, as in S3 they only have one team, and I’m not the best hockey player in the world, so I doubt I would be picked! (the next game is next Sat – should I say I can play, and get shunned, or should I not, and not feel so bad?)

This is actually a pretty long post! So I’m pretty pleased 🙂 I still have to find out for English, what “fetch” means. And not the Mean Girls fetch, (you look so fetch!) or the fetching something (Go fetch, boy!). It was in the novel we’re reading in class, called Martin Farrell. Anyone heard of it?

I have a last minute “What I’ve been watching/reading”.

1. Twilight Parody from The Hillywood Show

2. Scientists ponder ‘zombie attack’

Ciao for now! x

Dancing penguins and rainbow elephants,


One Response to “Diamond Rings”
  1. CherryDiva says:

    Hey Beanie,
    I left an answear to your comment on my blog. Thanks so much for your sympathy! Oh, and btw, I have a friend whose nickname is Beanie. She plays GS in netball.

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