I want crusha! (awards page)

Hallo! 🙂 I like random titles, can you tell?

Okies, well, I made an awards page today, because unlike most of blogger friends who are on blogspot, who have nifty sidebars, my theme for wordpress has the sidebar thing at the bottom, and adding awards to it there, well, it ain’t that pretty! It makes the page waaaay too long.

So, the awards page has been added! So now I don’t feel like I’m not saying thankyou for receiving awards ^_^ And it fits right on the end of the navigation, how nice!

I am getting some inspiration for another award… hehe. It needs expanding though.

I need to update my 101 in 1001 for the week, do a tag thingmy which is long overdue, add my review for the Carbon Diaries 2015 and do the cool create a debut YA novel!

In other things, I need to…

— Quill; Get some comics, ask for art.

— Get some envelopes to put in Cinnamon’s letter thingmy.

— send my remaining two postcrossing.com postcards (to china and finland)

— TDW stuff

— Pointless contest

— art stall

And that is it! 😀

I leave you with my ultimate love – GOOGLE READER! It’s amazing… teamed with iGoogle, I never ever ever ever miss a blog post! I have a lot of subscriptions to absolutely everyone I love reading, and it means you never miss a thing, which I recommend!

OH – and if you are wondering who Cinnamon is? Well Cinnamon is a little bear I found in one of my boxes, and Cinnamon is travelling the world for my 101 in 1001!! I made the deadline early June 2011, so a load of people should be seeing Cinnamon 🙂

Ciao for now! x



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