The Dancing Mushroom Award!

Oh yes! I have made it! I have successfully made the first official Beanieology award!

It is the Dancing Mushroom Award!! (it technically doesn’t say a dancing mushroom, but I didn’t have enough room, oh the woes)

Using my oh so spiffy Paint Tool SAI program, I have completed one of my blogging tasks, hurrah!

So, who is receiving this oh so spiffy award? Well… a few! Don’t worry if you don’t receive this award – I still love you. I will be making different awards and giving them to different blogs! ^_^

Ze award-ees are..

Jenny at Blog of a Jennybean

Amber at Let’s Call it a Journey

Sara at Dragonfly Book Reviews

Cherry at Cherry Diva Hideout

Anye at Anye’s Blog

Anna at Anna Banana

Hope you like the award! I will be commenting on all your blogs so you know you have won! ^_^

Ciao x

Dancing mushrooms and rainbow sparkles..


5 Responses to “The Dancing Mushroom Award!”
  1. anyette says:

    Why thank you, Beanie. I’m flattered! I don’t know why I got one – my blog is rubbish. xD
    yay ❤
    The mushroom is the bestttt 😀

  2. Amber says:

    Thanks Beanie! :o) It’ll be going on my sidebar straight away. It’s so cool!

  3. Sara says:

    Haha, I love it!! Thanks so much Beanie; this award will get pride of place in my award sidebar thing part of my site ^D^

  4. Jenny says:

    Thanks beainie! It’s my firstest ever award! I’m glad that you like my blog =)=)=)

    Thanks so much! Love the award logo! This is sooo going on my blog!

    JennyB x

  5. CherryDiva says:

    OMG! Thankyou so, so much! You’ve made my day!

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