It’s promotion time again! (Sure Girl)

I am sooo sorry I have been lacking in the nice long, lengthy and interesting posts department! I just don’t seem to have much to talk about at the moment, even if it is the summer hols! I promise I will get some….. inspiration – get some book reviews – perhaps update 101 in 1001 and get some nice lengthy posts in!

I am due to do a few advertisement posts and tagging posts too – they are well overdue! SO I will write a to-do list sometime tomorrow and try and get them crossed off by the end of the week, or sooner – hopefully!

Moving on to the topic of the post!

I am promoting Sure Girl for that company Dubit Insider ^_^ I like doing sports – specifically netball, hockey and walking, and Sure Girl REALLY helps! And the new one “Dance Energy” (which I got a lot of samples of) is particularly good! It smells so nice 😉

And because it is made for teens, it isn’t harmful for us, it hasn’t got baaad things in it – and it also smells really nice! (as I stated above!)


I would like you to leave a comment about if you have EVER danced in an awkward situation, or in a reallllly strange place ( like one of my friends – the golf course, LOL). I want to know your stories!!

Sooo check out these two videos here:

(sorry, it’s gone all weird and bold now, don’t know why.. O_O)  Pretty funny right?! Well, Sure Girl can help because even if you dance for hours on end on the golf course, you will still be sweat-free! Yippeeee! 😀

So I really do recommend Sure Girl – it smells nice, the packaging looks nice, and it is NOT BAD FOR YOU! 😀

Ciao for now! x

Dancing mushrooms and rainbow sparkles… xox


One Response to “It’s promotion time again! (Sure Girl)”
  1. CherryDiva says:

    I like your sign-off. Really funky!

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