My loves of teh week!

So on Saturday I went to Glasgow 😉 Fun fun fun! It was a biiiig shopping spree. I got.. two new tshirts, two new vests, a black cardigan for my school uniform, new jeans, a hairband, two necklaces and a PRIMARK CONCEALER!! It was £2.50, and it is really really good! I reccomend the Primark Beauty section 😉

So my other love this week is:

(sorry for the crappy quality)

I had an account which I made in 2007, but I hardly played it, but my sister had played it obsessedly for a few months, and I soon kinda got addicted. Two days ago I bought Superstarand I am pretty rich in teh clothing department now – LOL!

My name is Jellybeanies on there, so check me out! Sorry this is a very crappy short game, sooo I will make it up to you with a longer one sometime in the middle of the week!

Ciao x



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