Inspiro: Fashion bloggers – designing your own!

O wonderful random titles – how I love thee?


(if you haven’t noticed, I was away from Wed 1st, to Tue 7)

Aaaah! Too many exclamation marks!! :O

Oh laptop – I missed you SO much! So let’s move on..

I have found a new love! Yet, it is forbidden, as it is too expensive… awwww.

WWW.STYLESHAKE.COM is very very unique in that you get to design your own dress, top and/or skirt, and then GET TO WEAR IT! Within 10 working days! Wows! A definite must for any budding fashion designers (which sounds pretty tempting to me), but unfortunately it is pretty expensive, as, of course, these things have to be individually made! And that takes time and effort, so a lot of money would have to be involved! But if you are doing this on a one time, it can be marvellous! You design, someone else makes it…. then you get to wear it! I will definitely be thinking of designing something once I have secured a job somewhere……..

Moving on to jobs! Unfortunately, I asked for a job in a very nice gift shop in my town high street, and the owner said if it gets busier, she would phone me. She hasn’t.

Darn. Probably will have to wait until next year for a summer job D: Or maybe get a job every weekend? Decisions decisions!

What else? I took part in a postcrossing! Yippee! I sent one postcard to the USA, and then received one today (conveniently, I arrived back today!) from the USA too! I also asked for an address, and another USA one, unfortunately. I want some variety! Pizzazz! Originality! Oh the woes. Perhaps Japan? Hmmmmm! Now that would be interesting! Or better, receive one from Japan?


So, what I have been thinking of doing is, like most fashion bloggers do is post a weekly “What you’re wearing” photo. This might be a bit… I dunno… unprivate, but I think it would be cool! Let’s me express my inner me, I guess! I got inspiration from fashion bloggers (obv.) and on where they have a forum dedicated to posting fashion photos, really xD

So what do you think? Wanna see my styyyyle?

I’ll describe what I am wearing, right now!

I have a white top on, black lines of lace come down to form a rectangle from my neck, other lines come down – buttons down the middle to meet the bottom of the rectangle.

On top, a cream cardigan which has brown hearts all over.

Black leggings.

And a newly purchased white skirt, covered in blue roses and green and black leaves.

Skirt hoisted up. A lot.

And a bit more.

Unfortunately the skirt is a size too big. Perhaps two. Need to get it examined. XD
Errrrm. I am very pleased with the success of the chatbox! Hurray! And that is all I have to say right now!

Over and out!

Dancing mushrooms and rainbow sparkles 😛

Ciao x



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