Update: DBR Reading Challenge

Time for an update! 😀 I have bought and read Carbon Diaries 2015 – I just need to write the short review that is needed ^_^ Will probably do the review tomorrow! Also – my mum had Something wicked this way comes in the house already (how convenient!). She had to search the whole house … Continue reading

What do the Harry Potter characters think of you(girls only sorry boys)

What do the Harry Potter characters think of you(girls only sorry boys) Ravenclaw-Smart and popular Harry: Everyone at school knows her. She’s more known at Hogwarts than me! Ron: So clever, she helps me with my homework in the Library which has now become a cool hangout ever since she got here. Hermione: Not as … Continue reading

My Summer Music <3's

(thanks to Sasha from the Sweet Bonjour for the Summer music list idea!!) Sooooo I didn’t have the time to add my music list on the best before, so I will just post it now! ^_^ My summer music loves involve a LOT of different types of songs than I used to enjoy – I … Continue reading

DBR Reading Challenge!

If you’re in our kind of… ring of blogging peeps, you’ve probably heard of Sara’s DBR Reading Challenge already ^_^ I am hopefully going to take part – I mean, I have like 20 books on the go at the moment – 6 books being due back to the library in 4 days >_> SO! … Continue reading

Going on a question hunt… competition?!

Soo way back in the first day Beanieology became, I posted this post: “Our job as journalists is not to know, it’s to find out.” Another aspect of beanieOLOGY I would like to fulfill is to interview a ton of fabulous people I have met (and will meet) over the internetz. All these people will … Continue reading

Message in a Bottle by Valérie Zenatti

**FIRST REVIEW!** Title: Message in a Bottle Author: Valérie Zenatti Published: In UK, 2008 – originally published in France in 2005 Format: Paperback Pages: 149 (excluding about author, title page, etc.) RRP: £6.99 (this funky info paragraph from Sara at Dragonfly Book Reviews!) Message in a Bottle is…. enlightening. There really is no other way … Continue reading

The Dancing Mushroom Award!

Oh yes! I have made it! I have successfully made the first official Beanieology award! It is the Dancing Mushroom Award!! (it technically doesn’t say a dancing mushroom, but I didn’t have enough room, oh the woes) Using my oh so spiffy Paint Tool SAI program, I have completed one of my blogging tasks, hurrah! … Continue reading

It’s promotion time again! (Sure Girl)

I am sooo sorry I have been lacking in the nice long, lengthy and interesting posts department! I just don’t seem to have much to talk about at the moment, even if it is the summer hols! I promise I will get some….. inspiration – get some book reviews – perhaps update 101 in 1001 … Continue reading

My loves of teh week!

So on Saturday I went to Glasgow 😉 Fun fun fun! It was a biiiig shopping spree. I got.. two new tshirts, two new vests, a black cardigan for my school uniform, new jeans, a hairband, two necklaces and a PRIMARK CONCEALER!! It was £2.50, and it is really really good! I reccomend the Primark … Continue reading

LOL: Watch what you put on your face…

So, AVON, the leading world dermatologists, have come up with a new formula! It is called AVON ANEW Clinical Derma- Full X3 Facial Filling Serum. The AVON shop to buy this from is here. And the advert is located here (WATCH ALL OF THIS ADVERT!) So, that make look all harmless and all, right? In … Continue reading