Chatbox craaaaazy! All the info you need!

Can you tell I have been fiddling with chatboxes recently? (ie yesterday and today)

SO yeah. If you want to talk to me PRIVATELY (without other readers seeing it) you can use the meebo me box, which is either located in a link at the bottom of the page on the Chatbox page, or at the bottom of EVERY PAGE of Beanieology!

Or if you want to talk to other people, or want to risk asking me something on the main one (by “risk” I mean I might not actually see your message because it deletes chatlogs…) or if I am actually on it – go to the CHATBOX page, it is pretty obvious it is there 🙂

And that is all the info you need chatbox wise! Mind you, if you can’t be bothered to use the chatbox, just comment and leave an email address, or better yet – just email me!

Rainbow sparkles and dancing mushrooms,

Ciao x



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