Little Miss Gadget-i-rimooo!

Yeah, this week’s post is all about gadgets and electronics and all that stuffs! Soo let us begin! With some updates…

101 in 1001 is going pretty well – today I completed the Twitter a day for 31 days, which I can’t believe it has been so long already! Time flies by, when you’re having fun… (yeah, right, in school xD) Ums… I haven’t really unleashed my creative side yet, nto many of my creative tasks have been completed and/or started, but I will probably get quite a few done during my summer holidays when I always get uber bored. There is only -so many- hours you can spend on the computer, my dears. O well.

Ermmm. S3 is tiring, that is for sure. I had to borrow 3 folders from around the house (I scavanged) but then I saw this nifty folder in a newsagent, so I tottttally boughts it. It is purple with purty colourful spots all over. Did you know my favourite design/pattern is spots? Random spots.. in a row spots.. any kind of spots! Big, small, random!

Anywho! On Neopets… well not much has happened really, lol. Sorry, I can’t really expand. S3 just caused my computer time to go down low low low lowwww (Flo Rida or wth you spell it) so if you are a very regular reader here you might have noticed that my updates of 101 in 1001 were pretty far and wide, but I put in a “Last updated” bit on it so I would remember when I last updated it. Because if it went up to 200 days left, it would be hard to keep counting how many days it was. It would take me 10 or 15 minutes just to count! It would be a waste of my time *shakes head* I am going away.. on a tangent/with the fairies. I went from Neopets to computer time to 101 in 1001. Which I have already covered. So technically that is NIGT GUT! (I think I spelled it wrong, but that is German for not good)

And no I am not taking German. 🙂

Let’s be moving along here. Onto the main reason behind this here post!


Warning: Little Miss Gadgetirimo is NOT REAL. It is just a term to describe my weekly/monthly post about gadgets in teh world, which affect moi.

As the Warning up there explained, this is going to be either weekly or monthly – depending on whether I can be bothered, or if I have the actual time (which may be the case as I am getting vair busy, you know)

So today, Little Miss Gadgetirimo is going to be about: The cheaper iPhone! …. and …. THE SIMS 3!

It isn’t really a lot to talk about – but hey, I am a geek so I may go on for hours! And hours! And hours!

Let us start with the cheaper iPhone. I am going to start with a rumour first. Jennifer  told me her brother said to her (don’t get confused) that the very much cheaper iPhone is out, TODAY! I know, I was skeptical too. So then I went and killed Google by searching oh so many times, but there isn’t much evidence on even the Apple Uk website about this new cheaper iPhone. The only evidence I have of it even being alive is in The Scotsman newspaper!

It said the new cheaper iPhone would be around £60! And it is going to be released some time in the summer. So, like last year, maybe it will be released in July? Only time will tell! Little Miss Gadgetirimo will keep you all informed of updates…

And moving on to.. Sims 3! There has been TONS AND TONS AND TONS of interest in the Sims 3, but is it all it cracked up to be? I mean, I sure am going to be getting it, even with some hints of doubts.

Sims 3 was released on June 2nd pretty much everywhere. The cheapest place to get it is probably by looking on Amazon, searching Sims 3 and looking at some of the used games, which are classed in good nick, but much cheaper. I found one for £26.99, which was used, but in good nick. I may be buying it in the summer 😉

Anywho. There are lots of people who are very very PLEASED with the Sims 3, but equally there is a lot of people WHO AREN’T PLEASED. Let’s move onto the bad reasons, because, let’s face it, you already know the good points and you want to hear what people are saying bad about it! Please note, these ARE NOT my opinions or reasons! These are from the REVIEWS!! Go talk to them, but NOT ME! I am just giving and supplying information!

1. The differences between the speed modes are far far shorter. Originally in 1 and 2, there was normal, quite fast, and fast. But now, you may be waiting around 10 minutes whilst your Sim is sleeping, even on the fastest mode. That could be a problem!

2. Apparently you can’t “even explore the neighbourhood”. What that means I don’t know. But if EA sold it by saying you could explore the neighbouhood, and you can’t, then obviously it would be false advertising. So I don’t actually believe this reason.

3. That you shouldn’t buy the game “unless your computer is an absolute gaming powerhouse“. Lots of people have complained that it can crash computers and such, so blame EA for false minimum requirements.

4. Following on, some people are saying the EA customer care/support thing is utter crap. Very interesting.

And finally, 5. A few people are saying “my first thought was “oh my god, it’s the sims 1 all over again” The graphics are awful to say this is supposed to be the third generation of sims gaming.

The things in quotes ARE ACTUAL QUOTES. If you want to take a gander, the 1 STAR reviews on are located here

And that is all for today!

Ciao x


3 Responses to “Little Miss Gadget-i-rimooo!”
  1. Jade says:

    Omg i was gonna get Sims3 but now i’m not so sure :/
    Are there any good comments.. ? xxx

    • Beanie says:

      Heyloo Jade! 🙂
      Well, to be honest, I will probably be buying it anyway, but I am waiting until the summer to see more reviews of it first before I purchase, yknow?

      And there is good comments ^^ Basically half of the people who have it – have problems with it – and the other half love it and aren’t having problems. Sooo yeah. Probably need to have way over the minimum requirements needed for the game ^^

      -Beanie ❤

  2. Jade says:

    lol okays
    come on msn please 🙂

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