Ill, ill ill… and boooooks

I woke up this morning, and happened to nearly be sick because of a sore throat D: And I am SO SO SO tired it is unbelievable! I didn’t even go to sleep that late either! It is annoying 😦 I hate being ill, especially on a weekend. And this week is Activity Week at school! Does someone not like me or something, to make it this bad?

I hope I am better for tomorrow, because after school I have an orthodontic appointment, which I really don’t want  to miss! It will make my braces be on for longer, and I don’t want that 😥

Speaking of illness, when I am ill, I tend to read a lot, and I have nearly finished a whole book so far today, which I thought was pretty good on my part! At the moment I am reading 10 books at once, so it can get confusing if I haven’t read one book in a while, because I tend to forget what has happened, and I waste time re reading the book again to the point where it was bookmarked :/

That is the annoying thing about books, I want to read them all but I really don’t have the time to read them – I wish there were more hours in a day….

On 101 in 1001 tasks note, I am getting my ears pierced on the 30th of May, in Jenners in Edinburgh! Wooop 🙂 That will be one task crossed off. I am pleased to say I am working on a lot of tasks, and I mean A LOT, I am working on at least 10, so all is good!

Ciao for now x



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