If all else fails, think of an elephant

Ok, crap title. Sorry. I couldn’t think of anything else >.>

This is about…. a few things. First of all, don’t you wish there was a teenager’s newspaper? Like The Scotsman (or any other proper newspaper) but slightly more easy to understand, so we could understand far better 😉 I understand the majority of newspapers, but the complicated stuff about Parliament, the recession, and some Iraq and “War on Terror” stuff.

I also think the news (and newspapers) is just too negative. Where is the fun and happiness in life? The news always seems to drain it out and leave the negativeness behind :/ My Dad showed me the BBC’s Odd News website a couple of months ago, and it’s pretty interesting, because some of the stuff on there, you would hardly believe! It was refreshing to see some nice pieces of news. For example – a taxi driver handed in a bag of money, and people gave him money for being so kind and handing it in! Isn’t that nice news? I think so 🙂

On Neopets I bought a Pink Job Coupon for the Faerieland Agency for 180k (yup, pretty expensive – I don’t buy thing s that expensive usually) because on The Nethernet, I played a mission which gave you a guide on how to make 1,000,000 NPS quickly – and I think it might actually work! Well, I earned 101k from doing three jobs (Silver jobs) and now I am selling the Silver Job Coupon for 100k on the Trading Post – so I will be 21k profit! 😀 I made some money, but not enough, so I am keeping look out for Pink Jobs, because they pay the most *nod*

My total neopoints now is:

Current Balance: 2,289,099 NP

I am very proud of myself xD I received a lot of donations this month too *hugglesquish*

On the 101 in 1001 front, it is going well! I have done 2 tasks, and am in the middle of quite a lot of others! Yesterday I cleaned out my wardrobe, and am donating all of the stuff I don’t want, to charity. My mum wouldn’t let me sell any of it. I guess when I clean out my room I will try and put some stuff on Swapitshop.com. I will get some points (I think I have 275) and perhaps spend them on something I like better 🙂

Ok, I am very sorry, I haven’t done my Eyeko reviews yet, but I will make it priority, and it will be done in a week! Maybe with pictures if I get round to it….

Ciao! x




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