What the blob?! (and horoscopes)

Yuo, so I have been busy lately. School started up again, and I couldn’t find time or think up coolio posts. But I’ll try to write at the weekend, every weekend, from now on!

BIG NEWS! I ADOPTED LYIINE!!!! I GOT HER! woooooo 😀 I am soo pleased, and glad I put all that effort into my application (first one) so I’m really pleased with myself for being so determined, and not actually procrastinating!

You might not understand the title, but I did it cos I am literally what the blobbing?!?11!?! at some stuff that has happened recently in my life. Thank goodness, I think Sakura is becoming friendly with me again (:D:D), and Jennifer is going pretty darn well too! (:D:D) Hallelujah!

Now I’m just hoping this good stuff keeps going.

So I was looking in a magazine today. Specifically, Sugar magazine (it’s great btw, if you’re 14 I recommend you go buy it). In my horoscope it says:

Aquarius 20 Jan – 19 Feb

Life: You need to get your emotions in check. If you don’t talk to friends about your problems, you’ll burst into tears for no reason.
Love: School crushes go like a dream – even ones that looked like they were fading away are totally back on!

I’m sad to say I was completely and utterly thrilled at that horoscope.. a lot of the time these things actually sound like they might be right? Albeit.. I never remember them, so I forget if they actually tell the truth or not, so maybe I should try and remember this horoscope?? I do cry a lot, I’m a sensitive person, and for sure puberty doesn’t help it all… And about love, well.. there IS someone I fancied(had crush on) before Christmas, we really hit it off in Maths, cos we sat diagonally across, but after Xmas we got moved and we stopped talking. Maybe we will be moved back? Or maybe we end up talking in another class, I dunno. Let’s hope Sugar isn’t lying xD But they probably are so I won’t get my hopes up because I did it after Christmas and it just made me depressed :/

What are your views on horoscopes? Has it ever told the truth or lied before? Something weird happen with horoscopes? Tell me! 😀

I would also like to say thanks to Ruth for commenting about the 101 tasks in 1001 days – thanks for the link it has made a big difference!

I am currently thinking up ideas.. and hope to get it done in the next few days, as 1001 days away or so, it will end on my birthday! So it would be great if I started it soon, methinks. Thanks Ruth!

Ciao x


One Response to “What the blob?! (and horoscopes)”
  1. Jade says:

    Heyy (:
    It was right for me once, it said “You’ve got your eye on someone, don’t let them out of your sight!” Which was true but yeah haha.
    Anyways, talk to you later xxxxx

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