Don’t let things get you down

Which technically, things are getting me down D: I had my fringe cut on Tuesday, but I don’t like it because my hairdresser cut it a bit too short. Luckily though, I managed to turn the situation around by making sure my fringe covered my whole forehead, and I am using hair accessories to draw attention away from my fringe until it grows a bit longer ^_^

Okay, so that seems a bit OTT, but I like having my hair just the way I like it, because I used to have shoulder length hair, and I got dissed a bit for it – and I feel so much more confident with my original short and curly hair! So I really want it to look nice, so when I look back at pictures of me, I am not instantly embarassed by what I see xD

Here is a pic of me from January/February-

jean4-2A time when my fringe was a nice and normal length!

I remember those times oh so well D:

And before I forget:

I am going on holiday from Friday (tomorrow) 10th to Friday 17th.

I will be back to normal after that! 😀

Ciao x


2 Responses to “Don’t let things get you down”
  1. Jadee :D says:

    Beanie (:
    I came on here, expecting there to be a new post.. but there wasn’t just one.. there was about 6, EXTREMELY long posts! So, sorry i aint gonna read them haha,,
    Anyway, where are you? Your not on MSN ^_^
    You said “bout noon” xD
    Anyways, ly lots like jelly tots (:
    -Jadee xxxx

  2. Sara says:

    Hey Beanie!!

    Just wanted to say I love your site!!

    Oh, and happy birthday!

    I saw your manga on Mizz Hannah’s site and it absolutely rocks!!!

    Anyway, see ya!

    Sara xx

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