Smiling is the best accessory

“I don’t have enough money to buy the latest accessories for my on-trend clothes!”

“I don’t even know WHAT accessories to wear with my new outfit!”

I hear you cry! But.. to be brutally honest, do you actually need those accessories? You could easily make your own, more unique and original accessories – or even BETTER, wear a smile!

Okay, so that sounds a bit cheesy, but have you ever thought about how much smiles are worth? I tried it out today – on my way down to the hairdressers (I was getting my fringe cut) I smiled at every single person who walked past me (going in the other direction), and nearly all the people smiled back!

Albeit, everyone has a different personality, so people who aren’t very friendly didn’t smile back at me – they just kept on going without even taking a second glance at the average sized teenager with a short, curly bob. But tons of people will smile back, because I think it is an automatic thing humans do!

In my research *cough* I found that old people were the most likely to smile back, and other teenagers my age were more likely to ignore me – but I was asking myself.. why is that? Wouldn’t you think that it would be the other way round? Or am I asking too much?

Over the course of the next month, every time I go out, whether I am on my own, with my mum, or my sister, or my friends, I am going to smile at every single stranger (or someone I already know) who walks past me – and I will keep you all reported on my thoughts and answers on the subject!

And ending on this topic: What do YOU think about smiling? Tell me whether you think old people smile back more, or if it was just those old people in my town who smile more – comment on this post ^_^

On another note; I am thinking of starting this thing called “101 tasks in 1001 days”, it’s not official or anything, I found it on this lovely person’s blog, here. I am not certain whether a lot of people do this, or whether it is just this person – but I definitely know it will be something positive for me to try and complete and strive towards.

What shocked me the most is that if I started this thing today, I would be 17 by the time the 1001 days are over! I was very surprised at this – just how long would it be? But I suppose if I do it the days will fly by, and before I know it it will all be over, and I may not have done all the tasks!

First things first though, I actually need to think up 101 tasks xD Which to me sounds a bit daunting, don’t you think? So far I only have these tasks:

  • Draw my own first manga
  • If I think the manga is good enough, send it to a few manga publishers
  • Eat three different foods I have never eaten in a week, for 4 weeks.

Do you think those are any good? And do you have any more cool and challenging, yet rewarding, tasks I could add to my 101 tasks? Or do you think my idea to do this is bizarre, strange and completely loopy? xDD

Ciao! x


One Response to “Smiling is the best accessory”
  1. Ruth says:

    Hey, I’m the “lovely person” with the 101 tasks. *smile* I found you through your link to me – thanks for linking me, by the way! – and I just thought I’d let you know that there are quite a few people doing the 101 tasks in 1001 days. (The key to finding 101 tasks to do, in my opinion, is to put some HUGE goals on there (like “graduate” for me) as well as some little ones (like “bake biscuits” for me, which I still haven’t actually done…)

    Anyway, I got the idea from this person here: and they link to a lot of other people doing 101 in 1001 as well. If you go to that site and look at other people’s lists, it might give you some ideas as to what tasks you could do! 🙂

    Hope that helps


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