Lyiine’s Story /Past & Present

Ok, so – one of my all time favourite hobbies in the entire world is the virtual pet site, Neopets. It has kept my attention for well over 6 years now, and I have met so many cool and amazing people on Neo. Now, there may be tons of n00bs, but fate controls your destiny, and one day you’ll always meet someone who changes the way you think and feel about life and how you live it (ok, so this isn’t just about Neo, but.. for everywhere).

So anyway, I have applied for a gorgeous faerie xwee called Lyiine (her foster parent is in my guild, TNO).. and I wrote a story for her, one about the past, before she was born – and one about the present, right now, when she is living. I’m just copying and pasting it from my application (if you want to take a look, click here)

Not everyone believes in guardian angels. It is their own opinion, I
guess. But the more you believe, the more you realise how much more
there is to Neopia. There's not just mutants.. faeries.. dinosaurs.. It
doesn't mean that is the end to the magic. In the right state of mind,
you can see... oh, so much more. It is like watching a beautiful flower
open it's petals, and show off its pollen to the bees of the world.
What you see is amazing. Your view is sharper, stronger, more.... real..

Of course, I would be biased, as I am one of Mother Nature's millions
of guardian angels - Neopia's hidden workforce. Without us, the whole
world would collapse - piece by piece. When Fyora created Neopia, she
did not anticipate the speed in which the species forgot about their
past. Forget about their origin. Fyora decided to use it to her
advantage. To hide the truth.

Slowly but surely, Neopians began to believe in things they shouldn't
believe. Flying beings in the skies.. strange haunted lands.. Fyora
couldn't control their hunger for more. She had to take a stand. She
didn't have enough eyes to watch over every Neopian. Fyora created a
workforce so large, that if they stood in a line, they would wrap
Neopia 2 million times. They were named the Guardian Angels. Their sole
job was to look after a Presence until the day the Presence died –
whenever that may be.

After hundreds of years, the Guardian Angels were well acquainted with
Heaven. Every angel would do the exact same thing every single day for
eternity. Fyora would first talk to the angel as soon as they woke up –
telling them what they had to do that day, even though it would always
be the same.

What Fyora did not realise was there were cracks showing. Many cracks.
When you are an angel, you have no emotions, no feelings. Only brains.
Yet, a group of angels – the elite – were morphing into a new breed of
angels. They had lived too long watching Neopia. They had become too
real, and therefore they were becoming human again.

The elite were losing their powers. The feeling of being superior to
every living being on Neopia. Every second that went past, there was a
weakening in their body.

Two members of the Angels Elite were best friends. Ceciali and
Morphossi had been friends ever since they had met each other on their
first day of training. They had instantly clicked. Soon, they realised
they didn't have time to spare. Fyora would hear about this – this
atrocity of angels becoming human.

Rumours had spread through the elites. That when Fyora found out she
would separate them and send them to Neopia to live their last life.
She would make sure they wouldn't come up to Heaven.

Some believed she already knew, that this was a survival test – to see
 who was the strongest. The best of the best.

Not many knew that Fyora had planned this out when she first created
guardian angels. They weren't really immortal. No-one ever could be
immortal. Fyora had to follow the Creators' guidelines, and made sure
that Neopia could never have immortals.

So when guardian angels reach 9000 years old, they lose their
"immortality". Fyora couldn't bear to lose workforce, so she lied. She
said guardian angel's lived for ever.

The Elites announced to the rest of the group that they only had a few
hundred years of angelicity left. Panic vibrated through everyone.
Shocked them to the core. Ceciali and Morphossi realised they loved
each other. Each one hiding the secret, ever since they met.

Soon a baby was born.

It caused a huge outrage. Other angels outwith the group were hit by
reality. Their immortal lives were shorter than they first thought.
Fyora managed to calm down the rumours.. the false accusations. But she
had to rid of the baby. The baby that could cause the downfall of
Heaven and Hell.

She sent the baby to Neopia, and made sure that the baby would not be
accepted into Heaven. The parents were sent to an asylum, and were
never heard of again.

Heaven forgot the mishap. Fyora forgot the mishap.
Ceciali and Morphossi did not.

Ok, so that is the PAST part of Ly’s story.. and it’s quite long for this post, so I will leave the PRESENT part for another day. I hope you enjoyed reading it, any comments and criticism are greatly appreciated 🙂

Ciao x


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  1. eli97 says:

    I play Neopets too!

    Beanie: Cool! What’s your username?

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