Love Makeup Love Eyeko !

Ever since I walked into the Edinburgh Superdrug, and saw thee most cute make-up I had ever seen in my ENTIRE life – I have become an avid obsessionee (if there is such a term) of the London-born make-up company, Eyeko

Don’t you love the brand already, just from their logo?!

To be honest, I love Eyeko not just because of the makeup, but because they are inspired by Japanese design – so their makeup books are called “Manga Makeup Books” and all over their packaging is cute Japanese pinkness (:

Maybe you can tell already but I love Japan, and all their culture.. design.. manga.. anime… everything :> It’s been about 2 years now, and my Japanese love has really been set in stone – all my friends know what to get me for presents now xD

Okay, I’m off on a tangent again.. >.> Which I guess is good – I am trying to become a Superrr Bloggerrrr so long posts help very well!

So anyway, Eyeko is an amazingly cute brand, which is very cheap (just £5 for everything they sell, apart from the nail polishes I thinks) and actually has pretty much AMAZING quality, as far as many people are concerned.

Check back here in a week or so, when I will be trying out Eyeko’s most famous product; Eyeko 3-1 cream and their scrummy Strawberry Fatbalm and reviewing them for you all :)

And before I forget! ;;

So if you go to the eyeko website, and you end up spending over £10, in the Ambassador Code box, type in E252 and you will get a free Eyeko makeup gift with your order! How cool is that? 😉

Anywho! Hope you have an amazing day!

Ciao x



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