Interviewingness :3

“Our job as journalists is not to know, it’s to find out.”

Another aspect of beanieOLOGY I would like to fulfill is to interview a ton of fabulous people I have met (and will meet) over the internetz.

All these people will have inspired me to do something different or to think about something in a different light, and I want to ask them a series of.. probably 10 questions (including a quick fire round (rename it to “Spit it out?” or something along those lines..)) or so, which will enlighten people who read my blog about why the person did that, or why they thought something, etc. etc.

At the moment.. I have a particular person in mind (maybe you know who you are..?) to interview, as my first “Beta test” or “First time” interview, to see if my questions actually make sense and work – but first I actually have to make UP my questions! Sooo if you are reading this, I would appreciate some help to make some default questions I can ask to people, but obviously I will be adding in special questions specific to that person when it comes to me interviewing them!


Beanie’s Interview of D00m !



Ciao x

Beanie (:


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