Welcome to the science of Beanieology!

Oh, and the art of beanWisdom as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok, so this is like, my katrillionth time trying to start a blog – I have two diaryland ones (here and here), a blogspot one (here), a Blogagotchi one (here) and another wordpress one (here) xD

<shamelessplug>I also created and work at a gaming blog called he Gaming Beanie, which you can visit here!</shamelessplug>

I bet if I pieced them all together it would be a humongous blog.. but there isn’t much point since some of the posts are from 2006/2007 and I am not as clueless anymore.

Anyhoo! I am glad you (yes, you) decided to pop along and visit me at my (new) humble abode. Maybe, maybe THIS time I will actually stay here!

You might be wondering.. what the hell is Beanieology?! Well, first off, it is the science, research and knowledge of this here girl, Beanie – or, if you want to go technical.. it is the name of my new personal fantastic blog (:

You may be wondering (again).. what is the point of this blog? Well, to be honest, I don’t really know.. I am really trying to make this blog post really much longer than it should be so it looks like I am a professional blogger or someone who blogs a lot. Because I really do look up to those people, who blog a lot. It is like the words come shoooooting out of their mouths (keyboards, really), and it actually makes SENSE! That is my aspiration.. to become one of these “Super Bloggers” who seem to have power over anything and anyone just by using the power of words. Which is an amazing feet, I have to say. So, to summarize therefore, (I remember reading this in a book called Simone’s letters, where she writes ย to an actor, and he tells her interesting words/phrases, like thwart, to summarize therefore, and no offense (I have realized a lot of girls in my year like using that phrase, but I won’t go into that at the moment) Beanieology (wait, this isn’t summarizing what I just said.. – oh well!) will be a blog (obviously) that centres around me, me, and me, but will also hand out advice and stuff for pretty much everything related to girls my age in Scotland (and everywhere else, obv.). I really like those very very kawaii Japanese sites, y’know the ones? With the cute pictures of their kawaii letternotes, stickers etc. etc. I wish I could be a blog like that, so I will aspire towards making Beanieology that as well!

And one final note.. I wish I had a site which dished out graphics and such, (check out examples at OH MY CUTENESS DIRECTORY)

This is the UBER final note… ok? xD Yeah.. I hope you (yes, you) will enjoy my warblings and opinions… ohmygoshes and weepings… everything.. Just let me know you came along, okay? I like visitors – you may get a little present if you regularly visit.. (maybe) </notabribe>

Ciao for now!

Beanie xox

One Response to “Welcome to the science of Beanieology!”
  1. thelifeofmecharlotte says:

    Ity charly ๐Ÿ™‚
    This made me laugh tbh.
    Nice blog.
    Read minee ? ๐Ÿ˜€


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