“Hey, hey, we’re the Monkees!

And people say we monkey around!! But we’re too busy singing To put anybody down….” I’m back! Hurray! πŸ™‚ Excuse my.. not so great singing! (not that you can hear anyway – buuttttt you never know!) I was watching a programme on Channel Five called Extraordinary Animals, and it was about a chimp called Ayumu … Continue reading

Don’t let things get you down

Which technically, things are getting me down D: I had my fringe cut on Tuesday, but I don’t like it because my hairdresser cut it a bit too short. Luckily though, I managed to turn the situation around by making sure my fringe covered my whole forehead, and I am using hair accessories to draw … Continue reading

Smiling is the best accessory

“I don’t have enough money to buy the latest accessories for my on-trend clothes!” “I don’t even know WHAT accessories to wear with my new outfit!” I hear you cry! But.. to be brutally honest, do you actually need those accessories? You could easily make your own, more unique and original accessories – or even … Continue reading

Lyiine’s Story /Past & Present

Ok, so – one of my all time favourite hobbies in the entire world is the virtual pet site, Neopets. It has kept my attention for well over 6 years now, and I have met so many cool and amazing people on Neo. Now, there may be tons of n00bs, but fate controls your destiny, … Continue reading

Confiding in a mirror..

(Wow. Third post so far today! I bet I am not going to keep up this activeness for much longer… >.>) So, the other day, right after I had finished brushing my teeth with a special orthopedic (sp?) toothbrush.. after washing my face.. after my skincare regime.. I thought up a quote – and I … Continue reading

Interviewingness :3

β€œOur job as journalists is not to know, it’s to find out.” Another aspect of beanieOLOGY I would like to fulfill is to interview a ton of fabulous people I have met (and will meet) over the internetz. All these people will have inspired me to do something different or to think about something in … Continue reading

Love Makeup Love Eyeko !

Ever since I walked into the Edinburgh Superdrug, and saw thee most cute make-up I had ever seen in my ENTIRE life – I have become an avid obsessionee (if there is such a term) of the London-born make-up company, Eyeko Don’t you love the brand already, just from their logo?! To be honest, I … Continue reading

Welcome to the science of Beanieology!

Oh, and the art of beanWisdom as well πŸ™‚ Ok, so this is like, my katrillionth time trying to start a blog – I have two diaryland ones (here and here), a blogspot one (here), a Blogagotchi one (here) and another wordpress one (here) xD <shamelessplug>I also created and work at a gaming blog called … Continue reading