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    Hey there! Beanieology is the science and knowledge of a girl called Beanie - real name Jean.

    I am a 15 year old girl from Scotland, and well, let's say I am pretty strange!

Parental Control Apps

“Parental Control apps for mobile phones” The development of parental control apps is getting wider and wider. Obviously companies face privacy issues, and can’t automatically send a childs texts through to their parents, but companies are starting to overcome this matter. Parents Are Listening Company in the states, has started to develop an app that … Continue reading

Technology & Mobile Phones

Today’s youth are growing up in a world where mobile phones are commonplace at a young age and the internet is widely used in schools. This way of life has given you an unparalleled understanding of this space. When I look back at when I was young, I realise that even then, technology and the … Continue reading

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag

I LOVE this song. It is definitely my song for the summer! Eliza Doolittle uses a bit from a song called “Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag” by George Henry Powell for the chorus 🙂 I think she has managed to combine the old with the new, but yet has managed to … Continue reading

Day of Awakening

HI! HI! HI! I have missed this blog so much! I have missed my readers! Everyone! I just didn’t feel like posting… So what has been happening since May 3rd? Well, to save all the annoying “I didn’t really do much” (when I didn’t REALLY), I will start with that I am now an intern … Continue reading

Warped version

Hello! Long time no talk.. Wow, that phrase is a phrase that I use all too often… I meet these awesome people, get to know them, and then I move on. I hate to think that this will become what I am. I hate to think that I will never love for that reason. I … Continue reading

Cherry Blossom

EEP! More than a month since my last post?! Preposterous! What’s been keeping me from posting? Well…. My S3 exams took up the 2 weeks before the week of 22nd of March – revision was the one thing that I did! (apart from the norm ;)) Updating my room to match my age. My box … Continue reading

Interview :D

I was interviewed (quite a while ago) by Vienna (from Vienna’s Corner of the World). It’s pasted below but you can also view it on her blog, here! What’s you’re name/blog name: My name is Jean, but I usually go by Beanie. My blog’s name is Beanieology. Blog address: https://beanieology.wordpress.com What country do you live … Continue reading

I’m famous(ish)!

Okay, so I was doing my normal rounds of all the websites I check regularly, when I was checking Beanieology’s stats, when this appeared! I was very confused… why was the link to my blog.. on the Threads website? So I went to investigate, clicked onto a couple of the pages, then came across the … Continue reading

S3 Exams. Oh crap.

Hello! I am so sorry I haven’t been posting again – and my weekbook hasn’t been weekly either! 😦 Anywho, the reason why I have been so busy is that I had that homework to do over the holiday, and also I have started revising for my S3 exams! I’ve got them the whole week … Continue reading

Weekbook #1

Thanks to Amber for the idea of it! My one is a videooo. I look different now cos I have had my haircut. ^_^